A Journey of Self Discovery

I have things I need to say and this is where I say them.Questions will be asked, there will not be a quiz.

The Mythology of ThingsIs an object what we care about or is it the mythology surrounding the object?I have things I really like, things I would be bummed if I lost. My bikes are special to me, they are nothing more than a few bits of metal, plastic and rubber but they became more. The memories surrounding them are the things I really care about, the objects remind me of these experiences I had. They create a mythology about this object that takes it beyond just a bike and elevates it to something more.The mythology of our lives is tied up in a scattered collection of things we keep, things we have lost, the memories we so desperately try to hang on to, the stories we tell of the past and our dreams of the future. Maybe this is why people have such trouble letting go of objects. These objects have through our experiences become a part of us, part of the story, the mythology, of us, me, you...

Expectational DebtThe site here has been neglected for too long with big breaks between posts. This has created a case of expectational debt where you are expecting something and it has not been delivered.
Thanks for your understanding and check back later.

The loss of knowledge for the sake of information is one of the greatest crimes one can commit against themselves.

We talk to ourselves because of our utter contempt for others

Failure lasts till your next attempt, quitting lasts forever.

ButterfliesProof that sometimes you get a second chance.

"Welcome to the future!"
"It looks neat here but can I go back now?"

Failure is not only an option, it is required for success to have any meaning.

Old Things, Forgotten Things, Missing Things ...


please don't, unless you really need to.