Chains of Capitalism

"The world isn't perfect and sometimes you need to accept that and move on."  I can not accept this and will not accept this.  Selling out on principals is not an option.

What is my problem?  Capitalism at it's worst.  We sell, market, advertise and shove items in your face.  We take your paychecks, we take your credit cards, we offer you more credit until you can hardly afford it.

We are the conquers of old, we are gathering slaves to take back to our masters.  Our chains are not of iron but of debt.  Our whips are not of leather but of letters and phone calls, lawsuits and garnishments.

I like stuff, stuff is not all bad.  But please buy only what you can pay for now.

Posted on: Friday, August 19th 2016 - 1:00 AM