I have been considering pulling the plug on my main internet connection for the summer.  Do I need the internet? No.  Is it nice to have? Yes.  If I do something like this I would still have my phone and it's data connection for the basics.  Maybe I'm becoming an old man but I keep saying to myself things like, "When I was a kid I had one toy, outside." "You don't need all those fancy gizmos."

On the up side, I would get a ton of stuff done by not having the Internet distracting me.  Who knows, after the summer I might leave it turned off, although I doubt that outcome.

$700 a year could be a nice extra to save, when did the Internet get so expensive?

Maybe I am just coming unhinged about going unplugged(don't worry about posts for here, I tend to write them all on my phone before bed or at lunch at work)

Posted on: Tuesday, January 26th 2016 - 1:00 AM